Photo: Eric Stone
Photo: Eric Stone
Photo: Eric Stone
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Last Exit to Murder
Blog Post
Summer 2013—Movement is afoot, literally and literarily. I am moving from Los Angeles to Clarksdale, Mississippi. (You can read all about it on my blog)

Short Stories
As for writing, I've had several short stories published over the past year, the most recent will be out on June 25th in the Sisters in Crime Anthology: Last Exit To Murder. My story is titled "Traffic Control."

Short Stories
I had another story in an anthology Scoundrels that came out last year. That story is titled "Arbitraging the Blood Brain Barrier."

My first book, Wrong Side Of The Wall has recently had its film rights optioned by Tri-Motion Pictures who are actively searching for actor/s and director/s and writer/s to attach to it. Doesn't mean it's a movie or even that it has a great chance of becoming one, but it does mean it's got a far better chance of becoming one than it would have had otherwise.

My "Los Angeles Trilogy: The Avenue, The River and The Valley" is very near completion and I am in negotiations with a publisher who is very interested in bringing it out.

I have begun work on the first full Wen Lei Yue novel. It takes up where Shanghaied left off. I've already got Lei Yue into some hot water in Ensenada, Mexico. Stay tuned.