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Photo: Eric Stone
Photo: Eric Stone
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Chosen as one of The Mystery Bookstore's top ten picks for 2005!

The Living Room of the Dead "The Living Room of the Dead is a stylish, fresh take on classic noir themes. You won't soon forget Eric Stone's vivid depictions of Macau and Vladivostok—or the sad, doomed characters who think they're simply passing through."
   —Laura Lippman, winner of the Edgar, Agatha, Shamus, Anthony and Nero Wolfe awards

"The Living Room of the Dead is a well-written, suspenseful, enthralling, and very uncomfortable book to read. Not a cheerful book, but a compelling book. Gritty and violent, difficult to put down even in the ugly parts, The Living Room of the Dead is a fine first novel inspired by a true story."
   —Crimespree Magazine

"Auspicious debut thriller by a former journalist who knows the exotic locales whereof he writes: the story is original and compelling, a page-turner with the spare, relentless style of Dennis Lehane or Michael Connelly."
   —John Farris, bestselling author of the classic thrillers "The Fury" and "The Fury and the Terror"

"Chandler and Hammett come to life in contemporary Macau. Exotic, dangerous, deadly, fun. The first book of a Ray Sharp series. Let's hope there will be many more."
   —Allan Folsom, New York Times bestselling author of "The Day After Tomorrow"

"What a first novel—exotic in setting, expert in the telling, and exciting from first page to last. A unique and compelling novel in every respect."
   —Ed Gorman, Shamus award winning author of the Sam McCain mysteries

"Stone writes a story that is very difficult to put down... a real pleasure to read in terms of writing quality."
   —P.J. Coldren, (read the full review)

"Eric Stone knows the dark underbelly of Asia and he writes it with a connoisseur's accuracy. If you have dreams (or nightmares) of visiting the bars and bordellos of Hong Kong and Macao, start here."
   —Charles Fleming, author of "After Havana"

"The Living Room of the Dead is a wild thriller, rolling the reader through an exotic Hong Kong and China—sometimes sensuous, sometimes beautiful, always dangerous. A bold page-turner vivid with outrageous women and one man, Ray Sharp, an unwilling, and undaunted, hero."
   —Meredith Blevins, author of "The Hummingbird Wizard"