Photo: Eric Stone
Photo: Eric Stone
Photo: Eric Stone
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Some interesting, entertaining and/or useful websites

Independent Booksellers: Sometimes I can't help it and I shop at Borders or Barnes & Noble, even Amazon, but most of the time I go to independent bookstores. They are unfortunately an endangered species. This website has a great state by state, and Canada, listing.

The Innocence Project: An organization that helps to obtain DNA testing of evidence in death penalty cases. As of Feb. 27 2004 they've saved the lives of 142 wrongly convicted death row inmates.

Doctors Without Borders: I travel a lot. All over the world this organization brings medical care to people who would otherwise never get it. They do it without any political, religious, cultural or social axe to grind and they have an extremely low administrative cost percentage.

Emma Goldman (1869-1940) was a feminist heroine, anarchist activist, editor, writer, teacher, jailbird and general trouble-maker. A great deal of what she wrote, spoke, taught, and the way in which she lived her life resonate today. She would have been a very modern person in any era. Her work and her life is not nearly as well known as it ought to be. The Emma Goldman Papers Project is working to remedy that. So far they've published two remarkable volumes of her writing, letters, speeches and articles of the time about her. They plan to publish two more volumes, but they need support to do that. You can learn a lot about her on their website. You can make donations too.

LAANE: Los Angeles Association for a New Economy is an organization that takes a practical community and labor-based approach to improving the city that I live in and love. They do very important work, much of it behind the scenes. Every city could use a group like them. Madeira James did the design and is doing the maintenance on this site. I think she does great work...

Some Writer Pals:

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Dianne Emley
Christa Faust
Dan Fesperman
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Some other Eric Stone guys:

No, I'm not the only one. I'm just the only one who does what I do.
Here are a few others...

A singing guy: a singer/songwriter based in Florida. I think he might live on a boat.

A gourmet food guy: a gourmet food purveyor in Seattle. He sells, among other things, Marcona almonds from Spain. I recommend them highly.

An acting guy: an acting teacher/actor here in Los Angeles.

A porn star guy: He might not be in the biz anymore, he died of AIDS, and he doesn't have his own website, but this site gives you his filmography.

An attorney/writer guy: another thriller writer... His book is out of print, but I liked it. He's now a government attorney in Washington D.C.